Vantage Plastics started operating in 1996, and is a rapidly growing family based company in Standish, MI.

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Vantage Plastics is at the top of the industry through our growth of excellence and focus on innovation. We strive to be the most advanced thermoforming company throughout the world and to continuously improve our processes through research and development.


Vantage Plastics is committed to operating in a conscientious manner and producing products that are environmentally friendly.  We have a responsibility to leave a livable world for future generations. The majority of the products we produce are Recyclable, Reusable, Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly, and Returnable at the end of their useful life cycle.

Since the beginning Vantage Plastics has reinvested back into our operations as we have served the growing needs of our customers. We feel strongly in reinvesting in personnel, training, equipment, extrusion capacity, robotics, testing capabilities, and ongoing research and development. We are vertically integrated with the ability to turn a concept into a finished product, additionally offering material management services for the afterlife of the product.  This has led us to truly become a “One Stop Shop” for our customers and assist in the growth of our sales every year.

Vantage Plastics differentiates from other companies within the industry because we are truly a “custom” thermoforming company. We work closely with our customers to design and develop exactly what they need, no matter what the solution entails. We pride ourselves on having a variety of capabilities to ensure this.

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