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If you haven’t heard already, Vantage Plastics is making its way into the digital game! With all of the exciting new projects, engagements, and events within our company there’s nothing we want more than to share this with our friends, community, suppliers, and anyone else who may be reading this.

This is the start to somewhat of a new “chapter” here at Vantage Plastics, as well as Airpark Plastics and Edge Materials Management (all three companies function together to make our projects happen here!), so we can begin to share our story with you. To join the digital network and be able to display all the cool things we do here. From touring our plant to sharing up to date information about our industry, we want to share it all. But for starters, let’s give a little background on where it all began!

A small group of people led by Paul Aultman opened Vantage Plastics in 1996 in Standish, Mi. With their first and only client at hand, they were unsure of the outcome and most importantly their future, but it was a risk they were willing to take and a dream they were going to pursue. The early years of the company were a struggle and most importantly a learning lesson. When things got tough, not ONCE did they back down or turn their backs from this dream of Vantage Plastics and its future. They took every hit as another reason to keep going. Not only were they determined to fulfill this idea, but Paul was raised on a farm in Northern Michigan and he was not going to turn his back on a project he already started. This strong and motivated mind set never became dimmed throughout the years and has led Vantage Plastics to where it is today.

The special thing about Vantage Plastics is that the work ethic of these founders haven’t slowed down one bit since the beginning. After the exponential growth throughout the years and the success that has been achieved, there’s no difference in their determination, motivation, or even attitude for that matter. I’ll never forget my first “interview” if you will, when I met with them. I was a bit intimidated, I was getting interviewed and meeting with the founders of this multi-million dollar company that I am trying to be a part of.  I was expecting suits and ties in a formal conference room with lots of challenging questions and situations. However, instead they took me to a sit down restaurant where they bought me breakfast and talked about my life, how I got where I am, and of course all about Vantage Plastics and what I could do to help. They weren’t there to try and point out every strength and weakness I have, they were there to get to know ME and who I am. They were making sure I was the type of person to bring into the Vantage Plastics “family”.

I had no reason to be intimated, in fact it was refreshing to know that there are still business owners out there that are like this. They don’t let pride or success get in the way of their mind set and there’s not a person they are too good for. Our founders are good Christian blue collared people that set out on a dream to not only be successful, but also impact their employees and the clients they work with. They KNOW that working in a plastics manufacturing plant is tough. Our production employees are the FARTHEST thing from weak, in fact we believe they are some of the toughest employees out there. The heat, the labor, the hours, it’s all hard, but our team puts their whole heart into it every day and our president, Paul Aultman, respects them more than anything. When you ask about their future of the company, it’s not explained by a number but essentially, “We’re not here for us, we’re here to set this company up for the next generation and that’s our main goal.” This humbling answer is the reason that this company has become what it is today and continually growing. They embrace change and innovation, while always sticking to the humbling roots where they started.

Check out our new website:

Check out our promotional video below!

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