Vantage Plastics Starts Production of Face Shields in the fight against Covid-19

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Vantage Plastics has decided to step in to help with the shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during this time as our country faces the fight against Covid-19. We have finalized design and started production for face shields and are in the process of developing face masks as well. We are grateful to have the capability to produce these critically needed items during our nation’s battle to save lives. We will be supplying many medical facilities with these products. These items will also be available to employees while at work as an additional layer of protection. We are here to serve the medical teams, front-line workers and the families being affected by this.Plastic Face Shield

The Vantage Plastics family of companies are committed to doing our part to help in this crisis while keeping our team as safe as possible.Since we manufacture items which are vital to transporting goods critical in the battle against Covid-19 while also supporting the underlying economy we are considered an essential service by the federal government. In the framework of contributing to the essential needs of our nation and fulfilling our mission of forming better lives, forming solutions, and forming a sustainable future we are keeping our operations running.

Stringent precautions have been implemented to keep our Vantage family team as safe as possible. Many have chosen to take advantage of the Emergency Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to stay home with family. Others are temporarily laid off. Many employees are working remotely.  Some are still working onsite. For those working on sight extra safety measures are in place. Some of these measures include frequent sanitation of common surfaces. Everyone has been instructed to remain home if they are experiencing any symptoms that could be the result of Covid-19. Everyone has also been instructed to stay home if they know they have been exposed to anyone diagnosed with Covid-19. No outside visitors are being allowed into our facilities. National health recommendations such as safe distancing is being encouraged. Screening of employees is also being conducted upon arrival as a final check before being allowed to begin work. These things all greatly reduce the chance of exposure while on the Vantage campus. At this point we have had no reported cases of Covid-19 among our team.

We will continue to post updates on the products we are producing during this critical time. Please reach out to if you are interested in the purchase of face shields or masks.

God Bless and Stay Healthy.

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