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Fun run with Vantage PlasticsW.E.L.L. Outreach is a non-profit established through the owners of Vantage Plastics. W.E.L.L. stands for “Weaving Effective Leadership and Life Skills” and has the mission of working with individuals and families to help them realize their own potential and be successful members of our human community.

On Saturday, October 16th the WELL hosted a fun run 5K at the AuGres Riverfront City Campground. It included a costume contest and kid’s zombie race to help raise funds for the local community. The event raised over $3,800 to support programs and services in Arenac County and the surrounding region. Over 100 kids and 50 adults participated in the event according to the WELL Director Heather Bauman. Several local businesses joined in to help sponsor the event.

Megan Osier who is the manager of Sales Engineering at Vantage Plastics and was actively involved in this event stated the following. “I have always wanted to help with organizing The Well 5K because it is a great way for me to involve myself with the community while also doing something I love.  In my 20’s I started finding a large passion for running and started signing up for as many races as I could.  I usually had to travel at least 30 minutes away for a good race, so I saw this as a great opportunity to bring this locally to our community to allow people who do not have the luxury or time of traveling for races due to financial reasons or just too hard to juggle schedules.  Every year the turnout gets better.  This year it was great to not only see the 5K involvement, which was wonderful, but to see how many kids wanted to get out there and join was even better.”

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