The Challenges of Food Packing and Shipping

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If we all had farms next door to our homes, getting fresh food would be easy. As it is, we require a great deal of work to make sure we have the best food available to us. As you can imagine, there are a number of challenges that come with packing and shipping food. 

Food Packaging

In this article, we discuss those challenges and how thermoformed products from Vantage Plastics help food producers, farmers, and manufacturers safely ship and package food. 

Wood vs Plastic for Food Packing and Shipping

In the past, wood containers have been the go-to for transporting food, but recent FDA regulations have banned wood because of potential contamination. During a study in 2007, they found that 10% of wood pallets used contained harmful bacteria such as E. Coli and Listeria. This doesn’t even take into account the formaldehyde – a known carcinogen –  in composite wood pallets or the spraying of fumigation chemicals on them. 

Food Packing and Shipping Types of Products

Since each type of food has its own packing and shipping requirements at every stage of the processing cycle, the containers they’re stored in need to reflect that.  This means containers that are good during field harvesting, storage, transportation, and possibly retail display as well. 

Vantage Plastics is a custom plastics processor. That means we have helped customers develop products that handle all kinds of food. From freshly picked fruits and vegetables to fish, eggs, cheese, beef, poultry, and frozen foods of all sorts, products from Vantage can handle it all.

The plastics used by Vantage Plastics are easy to clean and don’t absorb liquids as wood or cardboard do. We use certified food-grade plastics when food is in direct contact with the packaging we produce. Product protection and density to maximize volume in shipping are built into our approach to design. 

Why Choose Vantage for Food Packing and Shipping?

So what makes Vantage Plastics better than anyone else in the industry? We have a highly talented and experienced workforce that provides singular dynamics as a plastics processor. This makes us a complete “one-stop-shop” that can provide everything from highly skilled designers, engineering, material blending, tool making, extrusion, thermoforming production, Injection molding production, shipping, and of course, great service. 

We are proven at food shipping. Our egg pallets have set a new standard.

Our affiliate Edge Materials Management provides plastics recycling services which allow us to guarantee to buy back the products we produce for their material value if and when they become obsolete. We use these recycled plastics to make completely new products which help create a circular economy. This helps fulfill our mission to form sustainable futures.

Vantage is your one-stop for fulfilling all of your packing and shipping needs. We serve all kinds of industries. Our experience and service ensure that you’re provided with the solutions you need. We also have a guaranteed buyback program that creates a circular economy and achieves sustainability. 

Vantage Plastics has a proud history. We were formed in 1996. Since then several affiliate companies have been added to help provide the most comprehensive lineup of services in the industry, all family-owned. Our owners grew up on a farm that is still being operated by a family member today. This agricultural lineage provides a great understanding and affinity for food growers, distributors, and packagers as food completes its journey from field to table. 

Food Packaging

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