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pictured above: Glenn Lyons with his wife Brianna and their children Noah, Carter, and Elisabeth.

It is a delight to introduce Glenn Lyons the Manager of Scheduling at Vantage Plastics. Glenn has been with Vantage Plastics for sixteen years having started in 2006. Glenn’s career with Vantage started on the production floor where he learned the ins and outs of the equipment and of our manufacturing process. After four years, he became a Team Lead managing crews on the floor. After another four years, Glenn had a perfect background for being promoted to the Manager of Scheduling position. In this position, Glenn handles several dynamics helping to coordinate interactions between customers, sales, and internal departments, all associated with getting products produced and delivered to clientele on time. Scheduling is a very important hub through which all projects must pass. At this point, all previous process steps must be checked for completion as scheduling identifies and assigns the resources to complete the work.

When asked what he likes about working at Vantage Plastics Glenn says; “I love the people on our team. I see Paul as a mentor and have always looked up to him. I also love the challenges present in my current role. I am always looking for new challenges and opportunities for growth. With all the things happening at Vantage Plastics right now it offers huge opportunities for both corporate and personal growth and development.”  Glenn says he has gained an understanding and appreciation for how valuable people are when they are working collectively. Together people can achieve amazing results. He feels he is part of a team helping to build a legacy for the future.

Glenn Lyons and FamilyIn his personal life, Glenn and his family lead active lives. Glenn and his wife Brianna became high school sweethearts in 2004 after first meeting in a current events class they both shared. They have now been married 13 years after getting married in 2009. Glenn and Brianna grew up and continue to live in Standish. Their marriage has been blessed with three precious children Noah age 9, Carter age 5, and Elisabeth age 4. Brianna serves as The Community Resource Director with The Department of Human Services for Arenac and Bay Counties.

In addition to family Glenn also stays busy exploring endless hobbies. According to Glenn hobbies can almost rise to the point of obsession. Once bored he’ll move on or rotate back to a previous hobby. Currently, he enjoys spending time outdoors, camping time with his family, target shooting, ammunition reloading, dirt bike trail riding, and exploring new places, foods, and cultures during vacations. In addition to this, he tries to fit in some hunting and fishing. The idea of seeking precision in all of these pursuits and at work excites him.

Glenn also finds time to volunteer and currently serves as the chairperson for the local Christmas for Kids program and as a board member on The Well Outreach a 501-C organization that provides many services to the local community. In the midst of his busy schedule, Glenn is also focused on his spiritual development through study and attention to his faith journey. As a team member, Glenn has certainly been helping fulfill the Vantage Plastics’ Mission of Forming Better Lives, Forming Solutions, and Forming Sustainable Futures.

At Vantage Plastics, we have the expertise to sort through all the options for the right solution for you. And if your needs are specialized, we can custom design the right solution for the job. Contact Vantage Plastics to get your questions answered.

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