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pictured above: Andrew Thorne with his daughter Gracelyn Rose Thorne.

It is our privilege to introduce our associate Andrew Thorne. Andrew is a machine operator at Vantage Plastics. This is a critical position because it is where the products we provide to our customers are crafted. It is a position that involves a lot of physical activity and can be quite hot during the summer months. It also involves running large industrial thermoforming machines and developing a deep understanding of how to control several variables involved in their operation to produce high-quality parts. Andrew started at Vantage Plastics when he was just eighteen years old and has been with us for five and a half years. Starting at a young age Andrew said; “It was rough at first getting used to a twelve-hour shift and the effort involved, but I stuck with it and the better and easier it got.” At age twenty-two, Andrew got promoted to an assistant team lead. This position involved helping to train and assist others. Andrew says; “Being able to help people is nice and rewarding. I like to see people making progress.” Regarding the work in the factory, Andrew says; “There is always something different. We have such a variety of jobs and associated challenges.

Andrew Thorne and Family

 I really enjoy developing methods and putting together better approaches to our production process. I like the fast-paced jobs that make the shift seem to go faster. Working together with a good team is a great experience and very enjoyable.” As Vantage Plastics grows and expands into providing solutions for more and more customers Andrew sees a bright future ahead filled with opportunities as a member of the team.

In Andrew’s life outside of Vantage Plastics, he is a single father of Gracelyn Rose Thorne his one-and-a-half-year-old daughter. Having grown up near Standish, Michigan and in various parts of Ogema County, he continues to live near family. Given the scenic nature of the area and the abundance of wildlife Andrew enjoys taking his daughter for long walks and giving her an introduction to the great variety the outdoors has to offer. This is a tradition he inherited from his grandfather who is an avid outdoorsman and introduced Andrew to fishing and hunting. One memory Andrew says he will never forget was when his grandfather took him on a fishing trip in a remote area of Canada for ten days when he was fifteen years old. He felt it was a great experience and really introduced him to a greater appreciation for what nature has to offer.

Andrew is thankful for having his job at Vantage Plastics. It has helped him establish a great lifestyle and financial future. He appreciates the security of having health, dental, vision, and disability insurance benefits in addition to a great retirement plan. He is very proud of the fact that he was able to retire the mortgage on his house and property by paying it off before he turned twenty-four. This required financial discipline and is a feat that few achieve so early in life.  As a team member, Andrew has certainly been helping fulfill the Vantage Plastics’ Mission of Forming Better Lives, Forming Solutions, and Forming Sustainable Futures. 

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