Vantage Plastics To Participate in Reusable Packaging Association Pavilion at Pack Expo 2022

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Vantage Plastics is committed to reusable transport packaging. As part of that commitment, we will be part of the Reusable Packaging Association (RPA) pavilion at the 2022 Pack Expo International conference in Chicago on Oct. 23-26, 2022.

Pack Expo 2022

The Reusable Packaging Association (RPA)

The Reusable Packaging Association (RPA), a non-profit trade association that was established in 1999, represents and promotes the shared and pro-competitive economic interests of its member providers and consumers of reusable packaging goods and services. RPA links the sector in order to develop, experiment with, and evaluate reusable packaging systems. Reusable transport packaging is used and valued more widely because of the RPA.

What is “Reusable Packaging?”

In order to carry goods efficiently and safely through supply chains, reusable transport packaging is typically comprised of pallets, bins, tanks, intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), reusable plastic containers (RPCs), and various hand-held containers and totes.

The RPA defines reusable transport packaging as:

  • “The packaging is designed for reuse in the same or similar application, or for another purposeful packaging use in a supply chain.
  • The packaging is highly durable to function properly in its original condition for multiple trips and its lifetime is measured in years.
  • During its useful life, the packaging is repeatedly recovered, inspected, repaired if necessary, and reissued into the supply chain for reuse.
  • The packaging operates in a system that prevents it from solid waste, and a process is in place for the recovery and recycling of the product at its end of life”

How Edge Materials Management and Vantage Plastics Support the Mission of the RPA

Vantage Plastics is committed to ecology and to packaging reuse and recycling. Our Edge Materials Management division focuses on industrial recycling and managing the afterlife of recyclable plastic products.

Edge Materials Management is devoted to recycling. Edge buys back plastics from Vantage customers, then grinds those plastics for use in Vantage Plastics products. Edge also purchases material in the post-industrial market to recycle. In the plastics industry, Edge Materials Management is unique. They are one of just a few manufacturers who pursue plastic recycling. In an average year, Vantage Plastics processes 50 million pounds of plastic to make thermoformed parts. Roughly half that – 24 million pounds – is recycled plastics from Edge Materials Management.

Reusable Packaging at Pack Expo 2022

This year’s Pack Expo 2022 will feature two reusable packaging showcases.

Reusable Packaging Pavilion

Explore reusable transport packaging products and services from over 40 exhibitors, all members of the Reusable Packaging Association, including a Technology Center.

Reusable Packaging Learning Center

Learn what to consider when deciding to invest in reusable packaging and best practices for incorporating reusables into your supply chain. Delve into case studies, panel discussions, best practices, and product demos during free education sessions.

Both are located in the Lakeside Upper Level, Booth LU-6737

Visit Vantage Plastics at Pack Expo and Learn More About Reusable Packaging

Vantage Plastics will be part of the RPA pavilion. We are in booth LU-6906. If you are attending Pack Expo 2022, stop by and say hello. We can inform you about all the great things we are doing to support the RPA and a greener future. See you there!


Pack Expo 2022

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