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Pictured Above: Brandon David and family

It is our pleasure to introduce Brandon David who has been a member of The Vantage Plastics Team since February of 2017. During his roughly six years at Vantage Plastics, he has become a Level 3 machine operator which reflects a high level of knowledge and skills in the thermoforming of plastics. In regards to working at Vantage Plastics Brandon says; “I really like the schedule and the variety of things we get to do. It seems like different stuff everyday and we really have a far-reaching impact on a lot of other industries. I am also treated like a person and not just a number like I have experienced in other jobs. Currently, I am making containers for EV (Electric Vehicle) battery packs as the automotive industry is converting over to electric powered vehicles causing a high demand.”

Outside of his career at Vantage Plastics Brandon is very family oriented and places great value in spending quality time with his family. Brandon grew up in West Branch, Michigan where he continues living today. He resides with his wife Angela, stepdaughter Savanna, stepson Zack, daughters Annabelle, and Madison, and son Joshua. He says; “It is hard to believe but Savanna is engaged to be married to her high school sweetheart.” Given the work schedule at Vantage Plastics he is able to align with his values and participate in many outside activities with his family. Brandon has been involved in coaching football and baseball in West Branch since his kids have been in third grade and now into Jr. High.

Pictured Above: Brandon David and his wife Angela, and Children Savanna, Zack, Annabelle, Madison, and Joshua.

He also helps his stepdaughter Savanna coach competitive cheer at Standish High School. This team has been very successful and as a result, has made it to Nationals 6 times. In addition to coaching, Savanna is very involved in competitive cheer and participates in a competitive adult league. Brandon’s father was involved in coaching teams he played on while growing up and just assumed that is what dads do. On an interesting side note about his family, Brandon mentioned some genealogy being done by one of his second cousins where they discovered that his great-grandmother had immigrated from Sweden and had also discovered information on the ship used for her journey.

Brandon has a strong work ethic and believes in the value of neighbor helping neighbor and wants to instill this tradition and sense of responsibility into his family. During the Covid pandemic when people couldn’t return beverage containers with Michigan deposits on them, he and his family got involved with a fundraiser for The Ogema County Humane Animal Shelter. People were encouraged to make donations by dropping bags of their cans and bottles off. Since stores were not taking returns during the COVID pandemic lots of people took advantage of this. Brandon and his family volunteered and worked long hours to sort these into categories to send off for recycling. There were literally semi-trailer loads of these bottles and cans collected and sorted. This effort raised thousands of dollars to support the Humane Shelter. This project was so successful it remains in effect today and Brandon and his family remain involved. As a team member Brandon David has certainly been helping fulfill the Vantage Plastics’ Mission of Forming Better Lives, Forming Solutions, and Forming Sustainable Futures.

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