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Pictured Above: Seth Few and Family

It is our pleasure to introduce Seth Few the manager of our shipping and receiving department. Seth will have been with Vantage Plastics for six years this coming December. After joining our team Seth initially worked on the manufacturing floor and learned to operate a thermoforming machine. In time he became the lead operator of a machine. After a posting came up for a position in our shipping and receiving department Seth applied for it and was selected to become a shipping and receiving clerk. Eventually, the manager position for the department opened up and Seth was selected for this position. Having a background as a machine operator and as a shipping receiving clerk is very valuable for his current position. Seth says; “I really like working at Vantage Plastics because of the positive atmosphere and the ability to grow. Everybody works together as issues arise and solves them as a team. It is a family-oriented feel. I look at it from a career perspective and appreciate the work and the benefits provided by Vantage Plastics.”

The shipping a receiving role is extremely important and an integral component to many aspects of our business and meeting the needs of our customers. As the manager of this area, Seth interacts with customers and several internal groups such as scheduling and manufacturing. He also works closely with logistics companies, truck drivers, material handlers, and others. Since many of our products are critical to the operations and goals of our customers, Seth has to keep on top of multiple schedules. The primary driver is the customer delivery requirement. Thus, Seth tracks whether the production floor is on track to complete scheduled load requirements, and interacts with transportation carriers either supplied by us or customers to make sure all elements are well coordinated. On occasion, unforeseen elements such as weather can create timing issues that have to be dealt with as well. Since Vantage Plastics ships a significant number of products across international borders, shipping and receiving often has to deal with customs and many other issues involved with cross-border trade as well.   

When it comes to Seth’s personal life the word “family” is a great descriptor. Seth grew up as the oldest sibling in a large family of thirteen children. Seth lives in West Branch with his wife Carah, sons Colin age 9, and Lyle age 7, and daughter Lillian age 3. Seth and his wife who is a foster care trainer are also expecting another child in October. Seth keeps very active in his spare time. His sons participate in football, baseball, and soccer and he stays actively involved even doing some of the team coaching duties. Sports plays an important part in Seth’s life as he participated in several sports growing up. Somewhat uniquely he participated on a high school bowling team through which he met his wife, Carah. He still participates in bowling with his family today.  He also manages around 20 acres of property that includes a sizable pond which he stocks with bass, bluegills, and carp. This provides a spot to have a great time fishing with his family after work during summer nights. The area is also blessed with several local lakes in which Seth enjoys fishing. In addition to these activities, Seth rides his motorcycle, likes to go trail riding in his lifted trail truck, and fits in some game hunting. He is indeed a busy guy.

Going back to family, Seth has 60 first cousins along with his 12 siblings and multiple aunts, uncles, and of course grandparents. Seth indicates that the majority of all these relatives gather on Sundays and have a big meal generally at his grandmother’s home. On holidays they gather at Seth’s home. An interesting tidbit about his family’s heritage is the connection to William Few who was born in Baltimore, served in the Revolutionary War, moved to Georgia, signed the original Georgia State Constitution, and served as a United States Senator from the State of Georgia. We are delighted to have Seth as a member of our team. As a member of the Vantage Plastics team, Seth Few has certainly been helping fulfill the Vantage Plastics’ Mission of Forming Better Lives, Forming Solutions, and Forming Sustainable Futures. 

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