Vantage Plastics is Expanding Operations Into Bay County, MI With Wilder Road Facility

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We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone for Vantage Plastics! Our company is expanding our operations into Bangor Township of Bay County, Michigan, with the addition of our Wilder Road Facility. With our expansion, we are transforming a 325,000-square-foot facility into a dynamic center of innovation, collaboration, and progress. With just six employees and three machines almost 30 years ago, Vantage Plastics is now investing $30.9 million into the community. The expansion is paving the way for 93 new job opportunities in addition to the 318 Michigan residents we currently employ at Vantage Plastics.

The decision to expand into Michigan carries a profound significance for us. Michigan has always been more than just a place of business for Vantage Plastics. It’s where we have grown as a family-based company, cultivated partnerships that have stood the test of time, and where our journey began 27 years ago in a modest 45,000-square-foot building.

Trevor Keyes, President & CEO of Bay Future, Inc., eloquently captured our sentiment when he stated, “Their decision to grow their business here in the region, and specifically in Bay County, is a testament to the resources we have here and their commitment to their employees and this community.”

What the Expansion Means for Our Customers

The Wilder Road Facility will not only benefit the community, but there are also numerous benefits for our customers and business partners.

Elevated Service: With expanded manufacturing and warehousing capabilities, we will be better equipped to meet the diverse needs of our customers across various industries. Our enhanced infrastructure empowers us to streamline processes, trim lead times, and ultimately elevate customer satisfaction.

Faster Response Times: The new facility enables us to make significant strides in reducing response time – a pivotal factor in today’s fast-paced business landscape. The increased capacity allows us to enhance order fulfillment and offer swifter turnaround times without compromising quality. 

Seamless Vertical Integration: As part of our expansion strategy, we are embracing vertical integration to offer more solutions to our partners. This integration ensures a seamless product journey from concept to execution, improving control over quality, costs, and lead times. 

New Injection Molding Capabilities: One of the most thrilling aspects of our expansion is the introduction of in-house injection molding capabilities. Injection molding empowers us to diversify our product offerings, expand into new markets, and explore new innovative ventures. Several injection molding machines are already installed and operational, ranging in size to accommodate various customer needs. One existing specialty includes stacking columns, which are only available in a few places throughout the world.

Empowering a Growing Workforce: We are excited to welcome 93 new team members to the Vantage Plastics family. Our focus is not only on adding personnel but on cultivating talent that will steer our progress for years to come. This expansion transcends physical infrastructure; it’s about people. We are enthusiastic about integrating various roles into our team – operators, maintenance staff, engineers, and more – all essential assets of our manufacturing puzzle.

What’s Next for Vantage Plastics?

Beyond the immediate horizon, we plan to allocate a portion of the new facility to enhance the operations of our sister company, Edge Materials Management. The new Wilder Road Facility includes a rail siding that will improve logistics and provide Edge Materials Management with a simplified opportunity to reprocess more materials and eliminate additional costs.

As we move forward, we remain committed to fulfilling our mission of forming better lives, forming solutions, and forming sustainable futures for our partners, customers, employees, and community. Thank you for being an integral part of our growth journey at Vantage Plastics.

Vantage Plastics Wilder Road Facility. Bay County MI.

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