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Pictured above: Jose Velez-Rivera with his wife, Katie, and family

It is our pleasure to introduce Jose Velez-Rivera. Jose is an unassuming, hardworking, family-focused man through and through.  Jose is married to Katie, and they share a son Jayden who is eight years old. Other children prior to Jose and Katie’s union include a daughter, Jasmine age 15, a son Jose Jr. age 14, a daughter Jalynn, son Allen, son Enrique, and daughter Aalyah. Jose and Katie, who manages a McDonald’s, have been happily married for eight years. Jose and Katie live near Vantage Plastics in the Beaverton/Gladwin area.

Jose has worked at Vantage Plastics for eight years and has achieved a Level-3 Operator status. When asked about what he likes at Vantage, Jose says, “I love the guys. The job keeps me busy, and I love to work. I also like the hours because it allows me the freedom to spend precious time with my family.” Jose indicated that he has held previous jobs that didn’t allow him as much time with family, and it caused him to miss out on important times with his family. He says, “I will never sacrifice that loss of time with my kids again.” If you ever walk our production floor and see Jose at his machine, you will see his skills, determination, and strong work ethic shining through.

In regards to Jose’s personal life, he was born in Puerto Rico, but after his mother had health issues, including being in a long-term comma and the death of his father, his oldest sister Johana flew Jose, his younger sister Elena, a niece Natilie and nephew Joel to Tampa, Florida. There she took on any work she could find to provide for the family. Eventually, she got into school and became a Registered Nurse. As life evolved for Jose in Florida, he started a family, but in the end, the marriage didn’t work out. After his youngest daughter was moved to Michigan, he followed and made his way here, where he met Katie and found Vantage Plastics.

Jose sports several tattoos, which generally have stories behind them, providing insights. As a child, Jose was and remains an avid fan of Batman, so he has both a Batman and a sinister Joker tattoo. Even his car and his wife’s car sport license plates with the word “Batman” incorporated. He also has tattoos with all the names of family members, along with a precious set of words written to Jose from his son saying how much he loves and admires him as a father.

In his spare time, Jose likes to be mostly at home with his family. He enjoys yard work, playing games, grilling out, and having everyone in his family at the dinner table every day sharing time together. Jose indicates that his wife, Katie likes them to take the kids to arcades, bowling, and occasionally on camping trips.  As a member of the Vantage Plastics’ Team,  Jose Velez-Rivera has certainly been helping fulfill the Vantage Plastics’ Mission of Forming Better Lives, Forming Solutions, and Forming Sustainable Futures.

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