During its history, Vantage Plastics has produced a very wide range of products. Since Vantage Plastics is in large part a “Custom” Thermoforming business, an infinite number of products can be developed and produced based on the needs of the customer. Plastic products can be produced with a draw as deep as four feet (4’), and as large as nine and a half feet by seventeen and a half feet (9’ 6” x 17’ 6”) single, or twin sheet.

Vantage Plastics can form sheets of plastic as thin as three tenths of an inch (0.030”), or as thick as one half inch (.500”). CNC, or Computer Numerical Control robotic trimming, drilling, and die cutting services are available on-site. Many of the products made at Vantage Plastics incorporate steel bars formed into the plastic material to add strength and rigidity. As you can imagine, we can produce a very wide range of products. Whether you are already using thermoformed products, or have a project in need of a better solution, we have the capabilities to help your business succeed.

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