Vantage Plastics featured product for the egg industry is the Eggsporter. This system includes a plastic pallet and plastic dividers to separate the stacks for optimal egg protection. It creates the perfect relationship with all man-handling and modern egg handling equipment. We can accommodate large corporate farms, as well as the small family farms. Aside from the Eggsporter, Vantage Plastics manufactures tic tacs, belting, and dropping boards for the egg industry as well.


    • Plastic Pallet and Divider system for shipping eggs in trays
    • Available in 2 sizes
      • Original (3×4): 12 stacks off egg trays per layer
      • 4×4: 16 stacks of egg trays per layer
    • High molecular weight polyethylene
    • Lightweight pallet weighs 26 pounds
    • 4 way entry
    • Smooth surfaces


    • Stacking enhancement: designed to improve stacking strengths as needed
    • Smooth and strong die-cut high molecular weight polyethylene
    • Lightweight
    • Easy to clean and sanitize
    • Works with your existing egg trays


    • Custom sizes and lengths for your application
    • High Quality Polypropylene
    • Custom die-cutting available for egg handling


    • Custom dropping boards designed to fit your application
    • Smooth surface is easy to clean and sanitize
    • High Molecular weight polyethylene

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“We have had good experience working with Vantage Plastics. When it comes to engineering expertise, quality, delivery, and customer responsiveness, I give them high marks!”


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