Vantage Plastics works with a variety of industries and we are continually working to diversify as we continue to grow. Some of the industries we are partnered with include:


Vantage Plastics has been working with the Automotive industry since 1996 creating thermoformed plastic parts and dunnage. We understand that the automotive industry has needs unlike any other. There are thousands of parts that are in constant need to be received, assembled, moved and created. We work with our partners in the automotive industry to create products that are durable, reusable, customizable, lightweight, recyclable, and suitable for any environment just to name a few.


For many companies in the food sector, finding the right plastic packaging can be a challenge. Vantage Plastics can provide a full range of food packaging solutions that complement the way companies do business, whether it’s in the food processing or food service industries.


Thermoformed Plastic products are the best material for the demanding needs of the Agricultural Industry. The products are lightweight and customizable. Along with the design and engineering expertise at Vantage Plastics, you get exactly what you need in a material that outperforms metal and wood on a variety of fronts. Vacuum Formed Plastic Agricultural components can be designed to be as rigid or flexible as necessary. This is extremely beneficial with the fact that our products don’t oxidize and are food-grade as well.


Vantage Plastics is producing recreational and other consumer products for customers and is establishing an initiative to develop proprietary products within these areas. Our processes and the array of new plastic materials with which we work can lend themselves to great product improvement and “out of the box thinking”. We invite potential customers to contact us when considering product development. Our process and materials can often lead to improved product function, reduced costs, enhanced durability, and better customer satisfaction. Most of our product lines are also recyclable thus making them environmentally friendly.


Vantage Plastics creates thermoformed plastic products that are rigid, waterproof, and long-lasting, which are exactly what you need in the heavy truck and tractor industry. Other materials simply cannot compete with the affordability and longevity of the thermoformed plastic, along with its’ chemical resistance. Our thermoformed plastic products are lightweight; making shipping, lifting and installing easier. Custom forming also makes it possible to include other materials, accommodate special needs and even add a logo.


Vantage Plastics provides the highest-quality medical device packaging available, and can manufacture custom medical packaging to our customers’ precise specifications, guaranteeing that these delicate instruments are well packaged and protected during sterilization, storage, shipment, and delivery. We understand that every aspect of medical packaging requires attention to detail, Vantage Plastics provides complete control of our manufacturing process to ensure our customer is satisified. This allows our customers a greater degree of flexibility and control over the various elements of their custom medical device packaging during the design, approval, and manufacturing phases associated with medical packaging projects.


Vantage Plastics provides a number of solutions for renewable energy applications. Through our excellence in manufacturing we strive to make a difference that matters. Our unique custom thermoforming capabilities helps us produce high quality, efficient components for energy producers in the renewable energy industry.Our approach to the thermoforming process sets up apart as we provide many recyclable options within our own facility for our clients.


Vantage Plastics is able to develop custom manufacturing solutions for the Military and Aerospace industries. We are able to deliver various products for the industries while providing customization when needed. We partner with companies in the military/aerospace industry to focus on the many potential benefits we offer for products, including accident prevention, improved ergonomics and employee safety, maximum moisture protection to avoid corrosion, and many others.


There are numerous benefits for companies in the construction industry working with us, after all we do specialize in heavy gauge thermoforming. With our expertise in engineering, manufacturing, logistics, and many other value-added services, it gives us a clear advantage to provide these multiple services. Our custom manufacturing methods allow us to develop a unique solution for our partners in the construction industry while helping reduce costs and improve logistics.


If you sell products in consumer markets across the globe and want to launch a new product onto the market, Vantage Plastics can help assist in the process. Consumer and retail product manufacturers have turned to Vantage Plastics to assist in developing solutions to consumer product needs. We have developed innovative and eye-catching packaging designs for our customers in the consumer products industry. Vantage Plastics has a great deal of experience in product design, production, assembly and all other necessary elements to produce top of the line packaging and products.


Since our facilities are located in a rural area, many of the personnel at Vantage Plastics are actively involved in gardening, lawn work, and related property functions. We have a significant interest in this industry. Vantage Plastics has done a number of lawn and garden industry projects, and has several products under development.


The furniture industry has gone through many transformations in its supply chain. Whether dealing with inbound raw materials, outbound delivery to retailers, or direct delivery to consumer homes and businesses significant transformations have occurred. However, one thing has remained constant. Furniture logistics still involves moving both raw materials and finished products. In both instances Vantage Plastics can help. Vantage Plastics can also help supply items to use as part of the finished furniture product.

Whether it involves custom pallets or trays to handle the shipping of raw materials and furniture accessories, custom designed packaging to protect finished furniture, or custom products to use as a part of furniture Vantage Plastics offers solutions.

Protection is always a key factor in reducing insurance claims, maintaining production schedules, and improving customer satisfaction. Contact us to see how we can help.


Textile logistics is now recognized to be as important as any other components within the textile industry. This is true for the textile manufacturers, retailers, and the related shipping companies involved. Manufacturers need to move raw goods and the subsequent finished goods from various sources then to other sites. Retailers need to move finished goods into and out of retail stores. These movements are extremely time sensitive. Prices for raw materials can fluctuate quickly and styles can go in and out of fashion very quickly too. Carrying inventories and warehousing can come at a price. These elements put profitability at risk for both textile manufacturers and retailers. Avoiding damage to raw materials and finished goods during transportation is another issue that must be dealt with.
Vantage Plastics is a skilled Plastics Thermoformer that designs and manufactures custom shipping solutions for logistics managers involved with moving materials within distribution channels. Whether it involves pallets, trays, collapsible packaging, retail floor displays, or other unique custom designed products Vantage Plastics can help. Since tracking can be a critical component Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags can easily be incorporated in our products. We make robust, reusable, and recyclable products to provide the solutions the textile industry needs.

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