Edge Materials Management started operating in 2016 at their facility in Standish, MI. Our focus is industrial recycling and managing the afterlife of recyclable plastic products. Vantage Plastics was in need of a recycling facility to help reach their goals of being a more eco-friendly company, with damaged products, scrap material, and other recyclable plastic within the facility. Edge offers their services to Vantage Plastics clients along with other companies that need their services as well. We have expanded our capabilities since the beginning and will continue to as we grow.

When the material arrives at Edge it is first analyzed and sorted by the type of material it is. It is put in an extrusion plastometer, where we do a melt test to determine the melt grade and the type of material it is. Edge currently works with multiple different types of materials. Once the material is tested and sorted accordingly, it is then put through a shredder. The shredder breaks the material in big chunks and starts the grinding process. After the shredder the material goes through the granulator, Edge currently has a 24 x 56 in granulator that we use. After the material is grinded to the correct size it is then ready for the washing and drying phase. This cleans and dries the material so it is at the correct standards for production. The plastic regrind pellets are then sent to Vantage Plastics for use.

Please contact Edge with any questions you have and discover how we can work together.

Phone: 989-846-1029

Vantage Plastics is committed to operating in a conscientious manner and producing products which are environmentally friendly. We have a responsibility to leave a livable world for future generations.